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Prices are per person.

We can customize solutions beyond the set menu.


Day Packages

Small - coffee, tea, fruit, nuts and baked goods. 146, -

Medium - coffee, tea, fruit, nuts, baked goods and a warm meal. 345, -

Large - coffee, tea, fruit, nuts, baked goods, warm meal and sandwich. 435, -

Warm Meals

Lentil stew with tomato, eggplant and fennel, topped with crispy oyster mushrooms and kale.

Served with bread and butter. 229, -

( G, S, SE )

Pasta with cream sauce, crispy oyster mushrooms, rucola, tomato and parmesan. Served with bread and butter219, -.

( M, W, E, SU )


  Black Coffee Dispenser:

1.9L -- 290,-

3.8L -- 440,-


Egg salad with apple, garden cress and butter. 108,-

( G, E, M )

Baked pumpkin, pesto, sprouts and roasted almonds. 108,-

( G, SU ) vegan


Brie, jam, butter and walnuts. 108,-

( G, M )

Cured reindeer, brie, honey and sprouts. 138,-

( G, M )

Smoked salmon, butter, scrambled eggs

and chives. 128,-

( G, M, F, E )

10+ people - 10 % discount

30+ people - 15 % discount

( Discount requires same meal for everyone )


Spor av nord [Recovered].png

G: Gluten          M: Milk              F: Fish               B: Molluscs              SE: Celery           S: Soy            E: Eggs             N: Nuts

(The bread contains gluten and celery. We also have gluten-free bread.)

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